I’m searching for a rug for my bedroom and am considering a natural fiber rug such as sisal, seagrass or jute. I know, they’re kind of a ubiquitous fixture in any interior ever shot for a magazine but they do seem very practical. They’re durable, withstand a lot of foot traffic (for the record there will be no major foot traffic in my bedroom!), they’re relatively inexpensive, match just about anything and they look great. Here are a few options I like:


Left: 8x 10 Sisal Wool, $518. Right: 8×10 Seagrass, $346. Both via Sisal Rugs Direct

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Left: 8×10 Sisal, $189. Right: 8×10 Seagrass, $179.
Both via Overstock.com


Jute Boucle rug from West Elm, $199 for 8×10. I like the flax color…second from the left.

If I do go this route, I’ll probably find another rug to layer on top of it eventually…perhaps a colorful flat weave a la Amagansett by Madeline Weinrib or maybe an animal skin. I really love the look of the layered rugs shown below in the living room of designer Darryl Carter’s Virginia farm house.


Photo by Simon Upton for Elle Decor

My only concern about a sisal or seagrass rug is that they may not be so soft on the feet. I know there are wool blended versions but they’re a bit more on the expensive side. And I also read that seagrass cleans up much better than sisal. But what about jute? They all look rather similar but the options are all very confusing. So, I’m asking all of my decor obsessed friends out here in blogland to weigh in…what are your thoughts? Soft on the feet or no? Sisal, seagrass or jute? Is there really a major difference in how they each feel? Know of any good resources where I can find a good quality, inexpensive natural fiber rug similar to any of the ones above? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help!


  1. Hey! I just found you through Washington Post Blog Watch. Congratulations! Very nice blog. I am linking you in my blogging friends. Hope that’s OK!

    Regarding THIS post. Seagrass…definitely. I have kids, a dog, husband that are all hard on things, and I rarely have to do anything or even vacuum (but you are advised to do a weekly vacuum). Great “hide” factor. I LOVE it! Although my husband was much against it at first, he has come around to appreciating how durable and easy it is.

  2. Hi. I just received samples from sisalrugs.com – the Sisal Brasilia had a very tight and smooth weave as compared to their Sisal Natal which was a little rough. The seagrass has more texture – I guess it depends on your preference. Just found your blog too – great! Michele

  3. Hi Katie! OH MY GOSH! I had no idea I’d be featured on the Washington post’s Blog Watch! I can’t even contain myself! Thanks for alerting me! I actually read your blog often and love it. Thanks so much for linking me…I will do the same! And thanks for the rug feedback…very helpful!

  4. Hi Michele! So glad you like my blog! I think I should follow your lead and order swatches. I looked at the Sisal Brasilia too. I also liked the Sisal Wool and Seagrass Seashell which I included photos of above. It would be great to compare compare them all and see which one I like best…I definitely want a softer feel. Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate the input!

  5. Congratulations on the W.P. mention!
    I’ve had jute rugs, and now seagrass with a backing. I prefer the seagrass, as dirt doesn’t filter through onto the floor and it’s a bit more refined looking and less bulky. And, as Katiedid says, it does have a great “hide” factor. My cats have thrown up on it (yes, that’s normal in my house!) and it doesn’t even show – it’s easier to clean up than the jute. It isn’t soft on the feet, but I rather like the texture. Of course, if you layer it with something softer, that will take care of that issue.


  6. Hi Lana! Thanks so much for your congrats and for the rug feedback. I think after everyone’s input I’m definitely going with seagrass! So thank you!

  7. Jute Boucle rug is my favourate from the samples above – it is more interesting and modern. This is from designer’s point of view:)

  8. trendoffice- I was leaning toward the seagrass but am recently reconsidering! I’m going to hit up West Elm this week to check out the jute boucle rug in person! Thank you for your input!

  9. Love the blog and was having an internal struggle myself on choice of natural rugs! Got a lot of good advice from you commentators!

  10. House & Life-so glad you love my blog & I’m glad you found this post and its comments helpful! It’s sometimes hard to make decisions on something that you’ll have to live with for years to come so is nice to be able to get opinions from a respected bunch of design professionals and enthusiasts!

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