The Selby


Todd Selby on Style.com

Since I’m on the subject of Todd Selby…here’s a video recently posted on Style.com where the photographer gives the site an exclusive tour of his studio plus a peek inside his new book, The Selby Is In Your Place.” Check it out!…

The Selby Is In Your Place

Todd Selby’s new book, “The Selby Is In Your Place” features artist Phillip Smiley and fashion designer wife Abigail Smiley Smith on the cover in the yard of their London home.

When photographer Todd Selby launched his self-titled blog in 2008, his concept was to simply capture photos of his stylish friends in their homes and post them on his site. Little did he know that The Selby would quickly become a hit and he soon started receiving requests from people across the globe who wanted their homes featured on his blog. The appeal of The Selby lies in …