Ryan Korban

Ryan Korban - So Haute

“I never quite understood why interior design in the traditional sense has no sex appeal.”

New York based “it” designer Ryan Korban loves creating spaces that exude sexy, something he feels there’s not enough of in the design world. His own 550 square foot apartment is a testament to his fresh, sexy and fashion forward take on interior design. Swathed in fur, silk, chrome, brass, marble and exotic materials like shagreene and zebra, Korban’s place oozes sexiness and luxury. For him, design is about creating a fantasy and his approach is certainly one that breaks the traditional mold. He’s the …

Interior designer Ryan Korban has been on my radar since seeing his home featured on The Selby last summer. Soon after he was featured in Domino, then the New York Times, Style.com and most recently on Vogue.com and The Daily. His name keeps popping up everywhere and with all of the buzz, this 25-year-old self-taught designer is definitely one to watch. Traditional meets urban is how I would describe his style and the use of contrasting textures and reflective surfaces is a signature. Recently Korban launched his new website which boasts a portfolio as impressive as his client …