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Nicole Gibbons Living Room Makeover-15

I was lucky enough to have my living room makeover featured in several publications so you may have already seen some of these photos but not all of the publications gave credit to the items in my home and I’ve gotten a ton of questions about where certain pieces came from so, as promised, I’m sharing all my sources right here! By far is the most popular question I’ve gotten is about my paint color. It’s Green Blue by Farrow & Ball and I just love it! Before my walls were gray and if you’ve ever spent time in New …

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Well hello there! You may have noticed a bit of radio silence here on the blog lately and it’s because I’ve been busy busy busy! In addition to working on design projects for clients in and around Manhattan, I’ve been back and forth to LA for other business, working on some exciting brand building initiatives and even more exciting, I’ve been redecorating! Well I guess I should say I redecorated because I’ve mostly wrapped things up and have already prepped and executed two photoshoots at my place! I’m pleased to share that my apartment will be featured in an upcoming …