Watermelon Frose Recipe-1-4

As I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder to spend quality time with my best friends. We all live in different cities now, one is married with children and with our busy lives and careers it’s rare that we’re all together in the same place. Recently my three besties from LA , Chicago and Atlanta were serendipitously in New York at the same time and having them here was an absolute dream!!  Three of us lived together in college and we love each other like sisters so hanging out together again brought back a flood of warm, fuzzy memories from our …

Berry Ricotta Toast-3

 What are your 4th of July plans? I’m taking it easy today. During holidays like the 4th in NYC people make a mass exodus out of the city to the beach or the country and the usual hectic pace slows all the way down. It’s quiet, there aren’t as many people around and you can get reservations just about anywhere! It’s awesome! So today I’ll be taking advantage of the city being deserted I think I’ll have brunch, go for a walk in Central Park then spend some time with my nieces and nephews. Lazy days with no set agenda …

Delicious Strawberry Salsa Recipe 2

Summer is my favorite season for entertaining. There’s nothing like being outdoors with friends, enjoying the warm breeze with a crisp drink and great snacks. Whether you’re entertaining indoors or out, here’s a quick recipe for a yummy strawberry salsa that I absolutely love to make during the summertime. It’s a sweet and refreshing take on salsa made with strawberries that’s super easy to whip together, tastes deliciously sweet and makes for a great party snack! The best part is that it contains just a few simple ingredients and takes only 10 minutes or so to make. It so …

Mother's Day Breakfast + GIft Ideas_14

If you’re in a panic because Mother’s Day is right around the corner I’ve got some easy DIY gift ideas to share with you that will hopefully come through in a pinch! I recently joined my friend, Chef Vanessa Cantave to share few fun DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas on her weekly cooking show, The Hostess Next Door, which airs live on the Little Things Facebook page. Do you guys know about The Little Things? They produce high-quality lifestyle videos that air live on their Facebook page which has nearly 10 million fans! On this week’s The Hostess …

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs_1

I vividly remember dyeing Easter eggs at the kitchen table with my sister as a kid. Next to eating all the candy, it was our favorite Easter tradition! Did you know that most conventional egg dyeing kits and food colorants are full of harmful chemicals and toxins? If you’re dyeing eggs this year with your littles or for your home, here’s a roundup of some beautiful, all-natural egg-dyeing techniques that are a much safer alternative for you and your family!

1. Cabbage Dyed Eggs

2. Tea Stained Eggs


4. Naturally Dyed Pastel Eggs



Spring entertaining season is here and although soft color palettes usually come to mind when you think of designing a spring tabletop, I love the idea of mixing things up to create a look that feels unexpected. Right now I’m loving the look of marbleized accents for your tabletop. I styled this chic place setting for a photoshoot of one of my design projects and picked out a set of stunning marbleized plates as the focal point. To allow the intricate lines and graphic pattern of the plates to stand out, I kept everything else around them simple. The flatware