Laundry Rooms


Doing laundry is probably everyone’s least favorite chore. Between sorting, washing, drying and folding it takes up SO MUCH TIME! And these days it seems like we’re all living busier lives than ever. Between demanding careers, family, friends and just trying to have a life, who wants to spend endless hours doing laundry? Inspired by the new Samsung FlexWash + Flex Dry which features two washers and two dryers in one for maximum efficiency, I’m sharing five favorite time-saving laundry hacks that will save you a ton of time. Plus – there’s a little inspiration for designing your dream laundry …

Nicole Gibbons Studio Laundry Room Cole and Son

Doing laundry is usually one of the last things we’d want to do if we had the choice. But unfortunately it’s a necessity so why not make the chore a little less tedious by injecting a bit of whimsy into your laundry room with a fun wallpaper! Above is the laundry room from the Brooklyn brownstone design project I completed a while back. We covered its walls in the ever-popular Woods & Pears paper from Cole & Son which totally lifts up this utilitarian space and gives it a ton of personality. And doesn’t the sunlight beaming down from the …