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I’m so excited that Autumn is finally in bloom! The summer weather lingered around much longer than usual and it seems to have taken forever to witness the most iconic signal that fall has arrived – the changing of the trees. I just love this time of year when the weather is crisp but not too cold and we get to witness the beauty of the green leaves transforming into beautiful golden hues. Sadly, being in New York City we don’t always get to see a ton of trees outside of Central Park but  I rented an adorable little cottage …

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As I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder to spend quality time with my best friends. We all live in different cities now, one is married with children and with our busy lives and careers it’s rare that we’re all together in the same place. Recently my three besties from LA , Chicago and Atlanta were serendipitously in New York at the same time and having them here was an absolute dream!!  Three of us lived together in college and we love each other like sisters so hanging out together again brought back a flood of warm, fuzzy memories from our …


One of the reasons I appreciate the holidays so much is that it makes for the perfect excuse to enjoy a good cocktail! 😉 Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or entertaining a guest that dropped by unexpectedly, you should always have ingredients on hand for at least one amazing signature drink that you can whip together at a moment’s notice. I love a sparkling cocktail made with champagne or prosecco for the holidays. A little bit of bubbly always feels festive for the season and this cranberry sparkler couldn’t be easier to make. Lightly sweet and infused with the …

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Coinciding with Halloween is the Day of the Dead, an annual holiday celebrated in Mexico to honor loved ones who have passed on. Traditional elements of a Day of the Dead celebration include candied sugar skulls, beautiful floral crowns and lots of vivid colors. While everyone’s talking about Halloween, my friends from His & Hers Weddings are here sharing a fun Calavera Cocktail recipe inspired by the Day of the Dead. (Calavera is the Spanish word for sugar skulls!) Made with tequila, grenadine and garnished with a hint of chili powder, this drink is a little sweet and a little …

Cocktail Hour: The Parker Palm Springs Muddled Lemonade Recipe

Aren’t you so glad Summer is finally here?! I’m loving the warmer weather which has me craving cool, refreshing cocktails all day long….because, after all, Summers are meant for day drinking, right?! Today I’m sharing a cocktail recipe courtesy of one of my favorite vacation spots to chillax – the Parker Palm Springs. The hotel has an uber-cool lemonade stand on the property where they serve up  their signature “Muddled Lemonade.” Here’s how you make it:

The Muddled Lemonade 
16 oz. cup
1 muddled lemon (about 4 lemon slices)
add ice
2 oz. Citrus Vodka
2 oz. Fresh Squeezed …

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When planning a holiday celebration, I always have a signature drink on-deck that I can serve up at a moment’s notice. I love a warm and oaky bourbon during the cold weather months and since ’tis the season for cranberries, I decided to put a cranberry twist on my favorite bourbon cocktail. Dubbed “The Cranhattan,” this drink adds a seasonal touch to a classic Manhattan cocktail with a splash of sweetened cranberry puree. Before we get to the recipe I should let you know that I’ve teamed up with Pottery Barn for a fabulous giveaway so be sure to read …