Bright Red Sneakers_10

When it comes to both interiors and fashion, I live by the idea that a pop of color can elevate a basic look and make it instantly more fabulous. My weekend looks are super casual and sometimes a bit edgy. I live in ripped jeans and sneakers! Here I paired this favorite combo with a gray hoodie, a leather moto jacket and red Adidas Flux sneakers which make the whole look brighter!

I got these sneakers a few months back and made a life changing discovery in the process… I can fit boy’s shoes! The reason this is …

Cerulean Blue Leather Jacket-8

When it comes to my wardrobe, I usually end up wearing different versions of the same outfit all the time! But even though I usually keep it simple, I love punching up a basic look with a killer statement piece, like this boldly colored leather jacket. It’s cerulean. Remember that phrase from this scene in The Devil Wears Prada? If you haven’t seen the movie, Meryl Streep schools a clueless Anne Hathaway on the history of cerulean blue and how trends are made. There was a lot of dry humor in it and I always think of this scene …

Andaz Mayakoba Photo Diary5

At the end of last year I was feeling major burnout so on a whim I jetted off to Mexico for a quick solo vacay. Mexico has by default become my go-to destination for an impromptu getaway because I can always find a cheap last-minute flight and within a matter of hours be transported to Mexico’s Caribbean coast with its gorgeous weather, sunshine, palm trees, blue skies and crystal clear water. I booked a stay at the Andaz Mayakoba which was brand spanking new…they had only been open for a week when I arrived. The downside to this was that …

Morning Routine for Maximum Productivity_4

Don’t you love that feeling you get on days when you’re super productive and check everything off your to do list? I do too but sometimes I struggle with procrastination. In the past, I’ve had a hard time focusing and would end up putting off important tasks and using my time inefficiently. This wasted time and lack of productivity would result in frustration and anxiety at the end of the day as I looked back and realize how little I actually accomplished. At the top of the New Year I made a commitment to solve this problem and one trick 

Nasty AF _ 5

I recently posted a photo of myself wearing this “Nasty AF” sweatshirt on Instagram and received a ton of comments from followers saying how much they loved it and asking where they could buy one. The shirt defines what Nasty AF means and reads:

adjective: A confident person who strikes fear in the heart of haters by articulating rational arguments and/or taking action to promote equality, diversity and love.

It’s essentially a feminist statement promoting the values of equality, inclusivity and basic human kindness. I purchased this right off of an ad from my Facebook feed! Sadly, this exact shirt …


Happy New Year!! You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog and on social media over the holiday season. Without really planning to, I ended up logging offline for the past couple of weeks and taking some much needed time to reconnect with the real world and it felt amazing! It started on Christmas day – I really wanted to post something but I was hosting brunch for my family that morning and was a bit ill prepared so the second I woke up I started cleaning and cooking. All while I was prepping I …