August 2011


A few weeks ago when I visited Palm Springs we spent our first night at The Colony Palms which is a beautiful old Spanish style hotel with a storied history. In the 1930s the property was owned by an alleged member of the mob and was equipped with a basement casino, a speakeasy and a brothel! It was Hollywood’s golden area the hotel, called The Colonial House back then, was a glamorous retreat frequented by legendary stars like Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Carol Lombard and many more. Over the next several decades the hotel changed hands a few times before …


I’m having a severe case of style envy over Nate Berkus Associates Design Directors Lauren Gold and Sasha Adler! These two young women sit at the helm of Nate Berkus Associates in Chicago and oversee all design projects while Nate focuses on his TV show and branding initiatives in New York. I remember seeing the pair featured a few years ago in Chicago Home + Garden where they talked about how they got their start in design. The piece also included photos of their impeccably chic condos and I remember thinking to myself back then that these two were going …

Max Humphrey - So Haute

Max Humphrey

Meet the Assistant profiles the design assistants and associates who work behind-the-scenes with some of the industry’s top designers to help make beautiful spaces come to life.

This week we meet Max Humphrey, Senior Project Manager for Los Angeles based designer Betsy Burnham who is best known for her colorful, whimsical designs that combine East coast elegance with Hollywood glamour. Originally from New Hampshire, Max has worked at Burnham Design for nearly four years and followed an unlikely path into the industry. (He used to be the bass player in a touring punk band!) Max is incredibly funny …


The Grounds at The Parker Palm Springs

I recently took a jaunt to Palm Springs for a long weekend getaway with my best friends to celebrate our birthdays and it was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve taken in a while. I’m sure this had something to do with the fact that I completely unplugged which allowed me to truly unwind and recharge my batteries. We enjoyed our stay at two fabulous hotels: The Colony Palms and The Parker Palm Springs which gave us an opportunity to experience two completely different vibes. The Parker had a whimsical and uber …