When I was at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the booth of Pamela Sunday, a former fashion stylist and art director who now makes incredible ceramic sculptures that are inspired by nature and science. She even gives her pieces scientific sounding names such as “atom”, “blastoid” and “sprocket.” The flyer I picked up from her booth says her work often conjures up memories of high school biology lab. I have to admit that when I first saw some of her scupltures, particularly the ones you see above that look like clusters of round balls, it totally reminded me of an embryo in its early stages! Nonetheless, the scupltures are beautiful and one of the smaller ones would be a very chic addition to a tablescape in my living room! Sunday crafts her pieces entirely by hand in her Brooklyn studio so each sculpture is unique. Her work has been featured in publications such as The World of Interiors and has also been exhibited at places including Nippon Society and the M.F. Adams Gallery. Check out Pamela Sunday’s website here.

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