February 2008


Closet Envy

So today I spent the morning cleaning and organizing some of my closets. I live in a decent sized (by New York standards) 1 bedroom apartment with four closets but, seriously folks, I’m having a major clothes storage crisis! My front hall and linen closets are just fine but the closet in my bedroom is way too small. Then I have this ridiculously designed extra closet in my hallway that has a garment rod but is too shallow for an adult sized hanger to fit inside it. Actually, I could fit an adult hanger inside but then the door wouldn’t …

Madeline Weinrib Clothing

Madeline Weinrib Does Clothing

It looks like our favorite purveyor of ethnic printed textiles, Madeline Weinrib, is branching out. While flipping through the March issue of Oprah I came across this jacket:

Madeline Weinrib’s ikat jacket, made of natural fibers, is featured in an article about eco-chic clothing. I get that its hand woven and all but I really don’t think the $1600 price tag is justified. And I also think the print is a bit too bold for a piece of clothing.

A Madeline Weinrib Pillow

As much as I love the great way in which the worlds of fashion and interior design …

Linda Rodin in Domino

{Haute Style} Linda Rodin

Just before Christmas I ran into stylist Linda Rodin, a long time colleague, at a party and she told me that she was going to be featured on the endnote page in the March issue of Domino. So…when my copy arrived in the mailbox a couple of days ago I flipped straight to the back of the book to read her feature. As usual, Linda looked fabulous! She always wears red lipstick and has on a stylish pair of frames…just like in her Domino photo. In the “10 Things that Make Me Happy” feature she even mentions tortoise shell glasses …

{Haute Homes} Francois Nars’ Private Island Retreat

In my previous post about St Barths’ Le Sereno I mentioned that Christian Liaigre designed cosmetics tycoon Francois Nars’ private island estate in the South Pacific and it reminded me of this amazing editorial from the Dec 2004 issue of Vogue that was shot on the island. The article featured Canadian model Daria Werbowy and was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.

The island is called Motu Tane, which translates to “island of universal love” or “island of man.” It’s one of 118 islands in French Polynesia and is a 5 minute boat ride from Bora Bora. In the late 90s Nars …

Nate Berkus’ Extreme Home Makeover…

Nate and the crew that helped the Hale-Jo family build their dream house.

On yesterday’s Oprah show cutie pie interior designer Nate Berkus worked his magic Extreme Home Makeover style for a family who’s overcrowded suburban Seattle home was in need of a top to bottom renovation. In just 15 days Nate gutted, partially demolished and rebuilt the house from the inside out, opening up its floorplan and even adding a second master suite level to the 1960s former ranch style home. Nate also enlisted the help of his friend, Australian landscape architect Jamie Durie, to completely redesign the home’s …